Need help getting your video noticed?

More and more companies are recognising the potential of using video to communicate with customers but how many businesses are guilty of failing to get their content seen?

To ensure that you get a return on your investment, I’ve put together some top tips designed to help you get your video content noticed.

Make the most of your website


Your website is the first thing that your customers see or turn to if they need more information about your business, services or products, so it’s the perfect place to post on.

A video has the ability to quickly and concisely give deeper insight into your business, which is especially important if a brand new customer pays your site a visit.

Why not look at creating a page on your website dedicated to video testimonials, which will offer real world, third party endorsement of your offering. Or look at streaming or hosting a short, snappy video on your homepage that conveys your organisation’s heritage, values and vision? Both can be achieved with relatively little cost using YouTube or Vimeo and can add serious value to your brand’s perception.

External platforms

In the last ten years social media has developed massively and is now a multibillion pound industry and one which offers businesses of all shapes and sizes direct, targeted access to their consumers. Meanwhile, the rise of platforms such as YouTube and Vine has proved that people are captivated by video. Also with Google now using YouTube content in it’s ranking, users can push their YouTube content to the first page and give their video the best chance of getting clicked on. All by using popular SEO terms in the heading or description.

But video content doesn’t just thrive on those platforms, as research shows that 82%* of Twitter users watch videos via the platform. Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn also offer prime opportunity to capitalise on a selective, captive audience.

Advertise to the millions

Social media is a powerful tool used by market leading businesses to reach the masses with targeted messaging, and with sites like Facebook having 1.8 billion active users it’s no wonder why. Smaller businesses should also be capitalising on this with such a large opportunity to reach their audiences.

Advertising on social media pages is simple and can allow you to specifically target your audience by gender, age and location. It also allows you to see a clear return on your investment by showing you how many people your post has reached and represents a cheap and efficient method of advertising compared to more traditional options.

Video marketing really does work

I know first-hand that video content is engaging and if done correctly it really pays off. A recent video marketing project with The National Self Build and Renovation Centre helped them to increase their sales by a massive 30%.

One of my best examples of the power of video on social media came when we worked on a Leicestershire based project called RISE, which focused on offering support and training for improving employability, enterprise skills and work experience in their rural communities. As part of this project I created a short video for the social media pages and with a total spend of just £30 to promote the video content on Facebook and a massive 3,744 views were achieved.

Interested in finding out more?

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*Research originally conducted by Syndacast.