How to Tell Your Story with Video

Today there are more ways than ever to tell your brand’s story with video. Between the video giant Youtube, and the drive to share video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there’s no reason not to try video marketing for your business.

Expanding your content marketing strategy to include video will almost always be worth your while; rich media like video content is favoured by search engine algorithms. It boosts your online profile before viewers have even seen the video.

In this article, we’ve put together a few suggestions to help you produce video that engages with your audience and effectively tells your brand’s story.


Be engaging

Video can catch the attention of even the most passive viewer; for example, Facebook’s autoplay feature means that your audience doesn’t even have to click on a video to watch it. But people are likely to click away from a video if it doesn’t get their interest in the first 10 seconds.

A great title and description is a good first step; convince your audience that there’s a payoff when they watch to the end, that they’ll learn a key piece of information or a great idea. The story your video is telling is worthwhile, and your audience should know this.

Keep viewers engaged with the visual aspects of your story; video is a visual medium so take advantage of it! Use techniques like graphics, animations, and interesting cinematography to give the audience something entertaining in exchange for their time and attention.

Don’t drag your video out too long, either. People’s attention span online is notoriously short, so keep your video under 10 minutes at the very most; as a general rule of thumb, videos can be this duration if you’re educating your audience. If you can keep educational videos under 5 minutes, that’s even better; for marketing and sales stories, you should aim for around 1 or 2 minutes. This video we produced with Workvine is an example of being educational, while entertaining, and all in under 5 minutes!

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Be informative

If four times as many people would prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it, it makes sense to take advantage of the format and pack every frame of your content with valuable information.

For example, think about using testimonials, explainers, and product demonstrations or tutorials as the basis for the information you want to share. If you want to encourage people to purchase a product, show in your video how that product would fit into their life. If you’re sharing an idea or concept, break it down into digestible bits of information in a video to avoid overwhelming the viewer and to get the idea across in the clearest way.

Because of the autoplay feature, more Facebook users watch video without sound than with, so put the most important information on screen with subtitles or typography, or make sure the content is clear in the video itself without sound.

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Be personal

Online content should be more than simply a sales pitch; viewers want to know about you. Ideally put your company’s face to your ideas and let the viewer see you or someone from the team tell the story.

The ultimate goal of any content marketing strategy, video or otherwise, is to create something that viewers want to engage with, and there’s no better way to do this than communicate with them directly.

When you’re telling your story with video, you have the chance to build a personal connection with your audience. Share content about things like your work life, your company culture, and news or updates. As well as being great for connecting with viewers, content like vlogs can also be useful for sharing information in an engaging way.

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By avoiding the standard, boring corporate videos and instead producing something fun, educational, or inspiring, you can effectively increase brand awareness. This has the added bonus of more viewer engagement through likes, comments, and shares, and although ‘going viral’ shouldn’t be the ultimate goal of video marketing content, it certainly helps.

It fundamentally is about capturing the imagination of your audience by telling your company’s story, video is a safe bet to make your story entertaining and engaging.


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