What video is right for you?

So you’re thinking about producing some video for your business. The question you’re probably asking yourself now is about the kind of video that will suit your needs. With so many different genres, there’s definitely one out there that will be useful to help your business reach its marketing goals.

Here’s a rundown of eight of the most practical and popular videos that you might want to try.



Education/Tutorial videos

At the core, video content is designed to teach an audience about a particular process or idea. Brand awareness could be raised by educating your audience about some aspect of your services, values, or ideas.

Videos can be used to show off a product and how to use it, or you could use it to share industry knowledge with an explainer or tutorial video. For example, a housing developer might produce a series of home decorating tips.

Google has an excellent example of this with their Google Webmaster channel. The company provides a valuable resource for online professionals, like this one about SEO.

Colab make educational video tutorials and courses because we’re passionate about learning, and see the potential to share knowledge through video. To find out more about the educational videos we can make, check out our explainer video, head over to the webpage.

Colab Creation makes online education videos | Colab Creation



Graphics and animation

Today, most Facebook videos are watched without sound, so produce content designed for this purpose. For marketing on social platforms, videos that rely on animation and graphic text can be a simple but effective choice.
You can get information and ideas across persuasively with engaging and shareable content. Animation can enhance displays and websites, bringing them to life through eye-catching images and visual effects, in a way that traditional media doesn’t.

Animation can be used to illustrate the intangible, like this short animated film Colab made for Almac. It shows the logistics and data management services that they provide in a way that complements and livens up the information on the webpage.

Colab Creation for Almac | Colab Creation


Brand films

Brand films are cinematic short films, that tell the story of a company, showing the history and core values of a brand. They are engaging and memorable, and a good way to capture the audience’s imagination. As the audience we can develop a deeper relationship with a company through the way they present themselves in these films.

Videos of this genre raise the brand profile with content that can be shared and talked about.



Animated logo idents

Like brand films, they’re a great way of quickly showing people what your company stands for, and who a client or customer is going to be working with. Idents, or animated logos, bring a dynamic look and feel to introduce your logo to your clients, solidifying your company’s brand identity. They add a layer of professionalism to spaces like your website, newsletters and video titles.
Here are a few excellent examples to give you an idea of what we’re talking about, and show how your logo could be animated.

Giant Owl’s animated logo | howdesign.com



Company culture videos

Company culture videos can show things like a company’s workplace environment, or their creative process and people who work there. They should your company as a fun, dynamic, and interesting place to work or collaborate with. Use them to inject a bit of personality into your video marketing strategy!

To show you what we mean, check out this this recruitment video from KPMG. It parodies the structure of more serious corporate videos to make a fun twist on the genre, while still being informative.

Why choose KPMG | KPMG



The best kind of marketing is word of mouth; capture that with testimonials from people you’ve worked with in the past. Instead of your average promotional video, let your clients tell the world how great you are at what you do!

Slack worked with one of their clients to create this excellent testimonial for their service. It tells you everything you need to know about the product in a friendly and entertaining package.

“So Yeah, We Tried Slack …” | Slack



Content for social media

More people than ever are using social media as a way to consume video content, and to share it with others. Social media is a tool for organic marketing, so take advantage of these platforms by producing short videos exploring relevant topics.

As well as promotional videos about your business and services, you could also share behind-the-scenes insights on what your company does.

You’ll definitely have seen an effective example of social media video; it’s the kind of video that is endlessly shareable. These short recipe clips from Buzzfeed’s Tasty page are an excellent example.

6 Recipes To Cure Cookie Dough Cravings | Buzzfeed Tasty

Adverts and promotional videos

Last, but not least is the most obvious form of video marketing; the advert. Adverts are how you  tell your audience about the product or idea that your company is promoting. Show the benefits of your product, or how it fits into your audience’s lifestyle. Share your company values, and invite the viewer into the world you’ve created with your product.

Old Spice’s adverts are excellent at this, their videos tell us what we need to know about their product, as well as being entertaining and shareable.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like | Old Spice



Videos are a versatile tool for getting the most amount of information to your audience, and for creating an emotional connection between you and the people you want to work with. They can cement a brand image with something shareable and dynamic, so are a practical addition to any content marketing strategy. We hope this has given you a few ideas to go ahead and get started on your own videos!

What we do

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