The Value of Video Marketing

As video producers, we obviously see the value of including video to your content marketing strategy. And it’s not just us; we’re backed up by the stats. Did you know, for example, that video accounts for 69% of consumer traffic, or that adding a video to emails improves click-through rates by more than 200%?

In 2017 the video marketing industry is only growing, along with the number of businesses using video in their marketing strategy.

If you’re still not convinced to join in, here are a few more reasons why we think professional video content is worth the investment for your business, regardless of your budget.


The value of a professional

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Hiring a team of professional video producers might seem like a costly investment, but it’s well worth it. Colab has invested in over £25k of high-end equipment from cinema quality cameras, to lighting and lenses, and we make sure to keep on top of the newest and best technology so our video is always of the highest quality possible


Our team has over 15 years of video storytelling experience that we use to create the best videos for our clients. The skills that we’ve developed over the years help us to tell our clients’ stories with engaging, stylish, and cinematic video content that wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. As well as our full-time team of video producers, we work with skilled freelancers in other disciplines, from animators to designers to keep our content fresh and full of new ideas.


Helping you to help yourself

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Video doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective; sometimes simple videos can get your message across just as well. We recently helped the Loughborough University Careers Team develop their social media video strategy, teaching them everything they needed to know about producing professional looking video internally, in a short amount of time. We took them through the entire process, from the planning stage, to post-production and distribution. Here’s a bit of feedback from one of the participants.

“Dan was able to show us practically how to make a film in the least complicated way that would still provide good results.” Sarah

We also have free online video marketing course to inspire your video strategy; click on the link on our home page to sign up for free.


Invest in the best

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For larger budget productions where you’re looking to invest, we can produce promotional video content that rivals the biggest and best. Take our Body in 8 advert; a glossy and engaging video, comparable to those produced by much larger companies like Nike at a fraction of the price. The video tells a story that the customer can become emotionally invested in, one that they’ll want to be a part of and that mirrors their own ideals.

We work with our clients to produce the perfect video for their needs, designed to show off their ideas in the most engaging and inspiring way. Our experience in video production informs our creative process; we understand what makes engaging video marketing content, so we know how to find the right angles to tell every story.

Well-made videos can connect people to your business, in ways that make you and your product stand out amongst the crowd.


What do you value video marketing?

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An important consideration when you approach a video production company is your budget. For a company like Colab, it helps us to understands your needs and expectations as we start to plan a film production or video campaign. That way, we can suggest the most effective methods to get a return on investment, based on years of experience working with our portfolio of clients, including local authorities, corporations, and agencies.


So how much are you planning to invest in your video marketing?

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No matter your budget or company size, there is a video marketing strategy that will work for you. It’s a worthwhile addition to your current online content that ensures your message can capture the attention and imagination of your audience.


Interested in learning more?


Colab uses our experience and knowledge to produce high quality video on a budget and can help you to put together a video marketing strategy. Our prices start from £500 for vlogs and testimonials; get in touch with us to find out what else we could do for you and your budget. Dan is more than happy to come to you, or if you want to test out his tea making skills then we can chat over a cuppa at our Anstey or Nottingham offices.

Colab Creation is a video production company that specialises in telling stories through film; collaborate with us and tell yours today.