Why you should try video marketing in 2018

The new year is always a great time to start something new, or revitalise your approach to something you already do. In 2017, video became a dominating force in the content marketing landscape, a trend that’s set to continue as we head into 2018. If you’re looking to update your content marketing strategy this year, video is the way to go.

According to WireBuzz, companies that use video in their marketing can grow their revenue up to 49%, compared to those that don’t. On top of that, more online traffic is attributed to video than ever before, so what have you got to lose by tapping into this resource for your own marketing?
Here’s a few of the best reasons to include video in your content marketing strategy this year!


Tell your story

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Video is hands-down the most economic way to tell your business’s story; if a picture is worth a thousand words, just think how many a video is worth! As long as your video is entertaining, engaging, and informative, your audience will watch it. To learn more, check out this article we put together with some tips on telling your story with video.

Reach more people

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Unlike written content, video is effective on almost any online platform. It increases the effectiveness of email marketing, gets more shares and clicks on social media, and can enhance your website and branding. These days, the most influential marketing you can do for your business is online; video is one of the best ways to grow your profile and connect your brand with the right audience.

Stay on top of the trends

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Video is the Big Thing in content marketing these days; it’s proven to be effective at engaging audiences, increasing conversion, and capturing attention. Using video in your marketing strategy ensures that you’re staying on top of the trends – and ahead of your competition. In this blog post, we made some predictions on what we think lies ahead for the video industry to help you stay informed.



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