Meet Lou…

Lou is an experienced videographer and our resident superhero in the making! You may have guessed that he’s a huge Marvel fan, and Lou’s been subtly adding superhero chic to the office decor since day 1!

Since joining the Colab team in May 2017, Lou hasn’t just been developing his superhero powers (although he is freakishly strong), he’s also been perfecting his videography skills along with mentoring our apprentice Nikhil who joined the business in March last year.

Lou joins Dan on a Taylor Wimpey road trip, visiting homes all across the UK to capture footage from new homeowners and Taylor Wimpey employees. This on-going project is a collaboration with creative agency Rock Kitchen Harris.

Hay there! Putting his GoPro skills to the test…

In July we made the most of the glorious weather and popped along to Heather Scarecrow Festival to see what it was all about.

In true collaborative spirit, the Colab crew went out in force accompanied by our trusty GoPro and with our very own scarecrow (Lou stuffed with straw). Channelling his inner Worzel Gummidge, Lou interviewed one of the festival sponsors, Bellway Homes, and captured footage of some of the 89 scarecrow entries that residents had worked long and hard to create.

Lou had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Bray from Bellway Homes who works as their East Midlands Marketing Co-ordinator.  Bellway donated £500 towards the running of the Scarecrow Festival and Chris enjoyed a stroll around the village with the Colab Crew!

Take a look at the Heather Scarecrow Festival video

Lou continues to add value to our business with his inventive and passionate approach to video editing, and we look forward to seeing more of his skills as his Colab career develops.

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