Meet Nikhil…

Each month we like to share with you a little bit of news about our awesome Colab Crew, and this month we wanted to introduce you to one of our rising stars, Nikhil.

Nikhil joined us as an apprentice in September 2017 after working with Dan as an intern creating TED X Leicester videos. After discussing the options open to him, Nikhil decided he really wanted to gain hands-on work experience with an emerging video production company (and ta-dah – he opted for us!).

Nikhil joins Dan shooting Kwoklyn Wan for his new series of KWokOn Chinese cookery tutorials

Since starting out at Colab he’s come on leaps and bounds and learned a variety of new skills that he wouldn’t have been able to gain elsewhere – from managing clients to making a proper cup of tea (Yorkshire of course).

Here’s a video which was made in collaboration with the Apprenticeship Hub telling Nikhil’s story about starting out on his career path as a Video Producer which was created earlier in 2018.

Nikhil commented “Working with Colab over that past year has kept me on my toes. I’m always actively learning and applying the skills that I have learnt to all aspects of video production. It’s a lot of fun working here and I am excited to see where my future leads”.

In his spare time, Nikhil enjoys getting his geek on as an avid gamer. He also recently took part in a gaming tournament and explained – “It’s a great stress reliever as well as a way to keep the brain active after work. I always love learning and discovering new things and games has always made me think. It’s also a way for me to keep in contact with friends”.

Nikhil is an avid learning, and recently attended a LinkedIn training course where he learned more about social media and how to best utilise the platform

We’re proud of how far Nikhil has come on his career journey, and he’s proved himself to be a strong part of the Colab Crew. He continues to develop his skills and build his confidence, which has really help him to build relationships with clients and take on new challenges.

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