Show your values through your videos


Your values aren’t just a few lines of marketing.

They should be the motor that drives your organisation. They might even define the reason you exist.

More importantly, sharing your values is what unites your employees, guiding staff in how they should make decisions, set objectives and build working relationships.

94% of employees and 98% of employers believe that being aligned with their company’s values is critical.

But when less than 50% of employees actually feel they have a personal connection with the values of their employer, you know something isn’t right.

How much of this problem might be caused by a simple lack of communication?

What can you do to show your values in a way that not only connects with your existing staff, clients and partners, but engages anyone who might work with you or buy from you in the future?

Quick tip: Put them on the homepage of your website!

Added value

If you have a set of values, you need the most effective way to show how they make you different.

Video gives you access to the biggest potential audience available.

There are over a billion users on Youtube (that’s almost ⅓ of total internet users!) and more than 500 million people watching video on Facebook every day.

In our recruitment campaign for Spire Manchester Hospital, video provided an opportunity to reach that huge audience with authentic, human evidence.

Happy, smiling staff talk directly to camera and share the values that make Spire such a great place to work, backing up Spire’s commitment to looking after its people.

Visual language

Sound bites and cleverly worded advertising can be compelling ways to share your values.

But if you knew that 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual, wouldn’t you agree video is worth a larger portion of your marketing budget than anything else?

Video is the perfect method to communicate exactly why your values are important.

When viewers retain 95% of a message from a video, compared to 10% when reading text, it’s obvious which medium will engage your audience in a way that isn’t easily forgotten.

Finally, when thinking about who you’re reaching out to it’s worth noting that out of all age groups,  millennials watch the most online videos.

Whether you’re building a workforce that wants to stay or a customer base that keeps coming back, capturing an audience that will be around for a long time is a sound investment.

Discover the value

The best illustration of our values are our free Video Discovery Sessions. Find out firsthand how we can collaborate with you on a project that will use our passion for innovation to tell your story through video.

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