Using video for painless employee learning and development

Training sessions can be demanding for everyone, from travel costs to time away from work.

But video training can provide a simple, effective and convenient solution to employee learning and development.

Video is a more affordable, more successful and more engaging way to train your staff, and here’s just a few reasons why.

1. Create interest with multiple speakers

You can add significant value to a training session by involving several experts, rather than just one.

With video, you can share many people’s knowledge with your staff without the need for overnight stays, train tickets or diary scheduling.

2. Keep staff in the office

If your employees can do their learning from their desks, there’s no need to interrupt an entire day for off-site training.

Video training doesn’t need a venue, so you’re not spending money on travel expenses and your staff aren’t spending time away from their work.

3. Make materials easier to absorb

Video’s ability to combine text, images and audio can maximise the learning ability of your staff.

Generally, we forget about 90% of what we’re told within 72 hours. But add images and audio to a presentation and people can recall more than five times as much information.

4. Reach remote employees

The last thing your sales, distribution or other remote teams want is to have to commute long-distance to a training room.

With video learning you can distribute all the materials online, via email or through mobile apps, keeping your people where they need to be.

5. Offer repeat viewings

With traditional classroom training, a repeat performance can present as many problems as the first one. Plus, you won’t get it for free.

Video training can be watched and rewatched countless times – good for people who missed out, people who forgot, people who want a refresher or people who’ve only just joined.

6. Respect people’s time

If you’re scheduling a vital training session you can’t always take the availability of your staff into account – their plans might have to change.

Not with video, of course. You can run employee training and development workshops from your sofa to theirs, or they can catch up later.

Video can make employee training and development a painless process.

Contact us now for your own free Video Discovery Session to explore the possibilities.

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