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12 best video employee value proposition examples for 2020

The best employee value proposition is an opportunity to engage the most talented people and inspire them to join your company and your mission.

Employee value proposition examples detail everything that make you attractive to applicants and irreplaceable for employees – from flexible working and onsite catering to a company philosophy.

In the digital world of 2020, having the best employee value proposition has never been more important.

Traditional attraction and retention methods of recruitment no longer work, and attracting and keeping the best staff has never been more difficult.

With the power of video storytelling you can bring your values, vision and workplace benefits to life in a way that would be impossible on paper.  

But what turns the best employee value proposition into a vibrant, compelling video?

How do you talk about what you stand for without looking fake?

What does an effective EVP even look like?

Below we’ve curated 12 of the best employee value proposition examples to illustrate how influential they can be and what you can learn from them in 2020.

1. Ask for action

The Spire Manchester Hospital

First, you need to decide on a goal for your EVP video.

When Spire Manchester faced challenges in recruitment, we worked with them to create a film with a specific call to action that would help overcome that challenge.

The stories all reflect a positive and supportive environment, where any new arrival will be made to feel welcome and where existing staff gain recognition and rewards every day.

But without telling the audience how to respond, all that good work goes to waste.

Even the most engaged audiences need to be asked directly to take the next step.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Always set goals before you start filming
    • Engage your audience before making an ask
    • Tell your audience exactly what they should do

2. Uncover personal stories

L’Oreal Indonesia

L’Oreal doesn’t have to work hard to bring in applications – it’s one of the world’s Top 10 Most Attractive Employers.

But this video EVP still makes the effort to go beyond the working lives of each featured staff member and delve into the details that provide the evidence behind L’Oreal’s public profile.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Choose music that matches your company personality
    • Get people talking off-script about themselves and their lives
    • Capture real statements that reflect your own marketing

3. Turn outsiders into insiders

Euler Hermes

The testimonials in this video could have been delivered straight to camera, but instead of talking at us, Euler Hermes has its employees sharing their stories with each other.

It’s as if we’ve been invited along to the same workshop, immediately making us part of the Euler Hermes community.

Everything from the whiteboard scribbling to the handheld camera work all contribute to that feeling of being an insider, even before you’ve begun an application.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Take your staff out of their usual environment
    • Bring people together to share their reasons for working with you
    • Use every element of your video to establish the right atmosphere

Businesses with successful EVPs see a 24-47% increase in employee recommendations


4. Answer all the questions

AGL Energy

This EVP immediately tackles some of the burning questions a potential employee might have, from stability to sustainability with answers backed up by impressive figures.

AGL go on to quiz a broad variety of their staff about other important deal-breakers like personal growth, recognition and rewards.

By the end you feel as though you’ve swallowed a whole FAQ. In a good way.

That’s when the approach is turned on its head:

“Now you know what to expect from us…” ALG says, “What can we expect from you?”.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Put your big stats front and centre
    • Consider all the questions an applicant might have
    • Encourage a response by putting the emphasis on your audience

5. Animate the abstract

Grape Up

Animation can make a big impact for a strong brand, helping you to stand out among the bland and the uninspired.

Grape Up’s astronauts provide an appealing and tangible way to visualise the abstract industry of cloud services.

It’s short, simple and as memorably quirky as Grape Up’s unusual name. Plus animation is a cheap and speedy way to create your EVP if you just want to get started as fast as possible.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Think of ways to visualise the invisible parts of your business
    • Use animation as a quick way to get your message out there
    • Remember to echo the existing personality of your brand

6. Focus on individuals

WorkSafe Victoria

The best EVPs use real people, but WorkSafe goes one better.

This is part of a series of videos that focus entirely on one person’s story, detailing why they’re so invested in their job and taking us on a day-in-the-life tour of their work.

These individual stories are given the breathing space necessary for people to imagine themselves working alongside the featured staff.

In the process, they also overcome the stuffy stereotype of the health and safety industry.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Remember your people are the most interesting thing about your business
    • Don’t be afraid to focus closely on a single subject
    • Stories that have room to breathe are more effective

84% of the world’s top 100 most attractive employers have an EVP


7. Look in their eyes


The quality of the connection with your audience is even more important than the quality of your video.

In this EVP, CQUni make brilliant use of low-tech filming and direct eye-contact to bring an urgency and intimacy to their video.

CQUni capitalise on this attention-grabbing method to proudly make a statement that defines their reason to be: “We believe everyone has the right to Higher Education”.

It only takes 20 seconds for CQUni to trigger an emotional response, and emotional responses are what trigger the strongest engagement.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Make eye contact!
    • Lead with why you exist, not what you can offer
    • Explore getting your subjects to film themselves

8. Challenge expectations

Orange Business Services

Does your business have an unearned reputation? Do interviewees share the same misplaced expectations of what it’s like to work for you? Then tackle these issues head on.

But! Avoid becoming advertising. This EVP feels almost too well engineered – the higher the pizazz of your video, the more suspicious people may be that it doesn’t reflect reality.

If only they’d used the brilliant final tagline right at the beginning, as it would have instantly set the right tone:

“Any resemblance or similarity with the Orange teams that appear in this film is very real”.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Deal with what people think of you, don’t ignore it
    • Humour can be effective, but get your timing right!
    • Too much gloss can undermine your authenticity

9. Hit them in the feels

Manufacturing Technology Centre

Hope. Pride. Togetherness. People get really uncomfortable with words like these because they’re not used to feeling that way about work.

But how do you get an emotional response without talking about emotions?

MTC isn’t afraid to grasp these difficult topics and either show them in action (during the stirring, hopeful opening narration) or speak them out loud.

It demonstrates not just the tone of their workplace, but the value they see in the people who work there.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Get emotional and use those uncomfortable words
    • Talk in language that reflects what you value
    • Don’t brag about the past, show your hope for the future

Only 15% of employees think their company culture is up to par


10. Talk about EVP

Old Mutual

If you’re making an EVP, talk about making an EVP!

Acknowledge the process you’re going through, the filming, the location you’ve chosen, because it all helps to make what you and your subjects say more believable.

Talking directly about an employee value proposition proves you’re not just box ticking. You understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

You’ll find this open approach will brush off on your subjects, too, making them more natural and engaging, just like in this Old Mutual EVP.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Prove you know what you’re doing by talking about it
    • Put your subjects at ease with a relaxed approach to filming
    • Use locations that connect with the stories you tell

11. Explore your history

Clemens Food Group

Values are the essence of your history and heritage. So rather than talk about what you are, talk about why you are what you are and where you’ve come from.

This is second nature to Clemens Food Group – the artefacts of their history are proudly displayed. This provides an authentic backdrop and demonstration of their values in action.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Explain where your values come from
    • Show what your values mean for your employees
    • Put your values on show in the workplace

12. Show your impact

The Penny Hoarder

It’s rarely enough to tell people about your work. To really engage an audience and inspire new employees you have to show the impact that you’re making on the world.

The Penny Hoarder uses real-life clients and down-to-earth stories of how they help people to lead more financially stable lives.

Together with exciting peeks into the lives of their staff, this EVP shows that everyone in their community is important.

Tips for your own employee value proposition:
    • Bring happy customers into the video as social proof
    • Remember the golden rule of storytelling: show, don’t tell
    • Provide a preview of what could happen on someone’s first day

Companies who don’t get their EVP right pay 50% more to hire the people they want


Positively jealous

Every one of these employee value proposition examples makes us want to be there, to be part of the exciting workplaces we see.

They make us interested in the company, jealous of the people already working there, and curious about how we could fit in.

When 57% of recruiters say their biggest challenge is being different from the competition, you know you need to think differently to win the best talent for your business.

A video EVP can help you stand out against your rivals, increase the reach of your appeal to potential employees and strengthen your bond with existing staff. 

We’re waiting to tell your story.


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