Thinking differently about how we connect with people – Vlog

Wow, what a time for me to start a vlog – now we’re all seeking ways to think differently and connect with people online.

I’ve never been in business where we’ve had this level of cancellations.

Being completely honest I’ve never had cancellations in live video production.

But now we’re just doing things online.

Fortunately for the last good few years we’ve been helping our clients with online streaming, webinars, sharing their knowledge and igniting learning through the power of video storytelling and social media.

A lot of people have been getting in touch, contacting Colab to find out how we can help.

We’re happy to share our experience, our knowledge and the lessons that we’ve learnt in using different technologies. Because there’s so many options out there.

If you’d like to talk through what you need to connect with people online, book a video call from our Contact us page or simply use the form below.

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