Reach anyone with your knowledge from the comfort of our green screen studio

We’re back in business! Our safely prepared studio is open and the magic of green screen is waiting to share your knowledge with the world.

We provide all the technical expertise, the special equipment and all the input, support and feedback you need to develop high quality video content.

All we need you to do is think about what you want to say. We’ll take care of the rest.

But you might be asking – what’s so good about green screen?

Why green screen?

With the ability to choose any background, go anywhere and at any time, we use green screen technology to tell your story with video in the best possible way.

A green screen makes it possible to control your environment with no need for the cost or time of setting up a dedicated location.

There’s no delays, no lighting issues and you can revisit or refilm your project at any time to add extra value without losing the consistent look of the overall video.

Remember not to wear anything green on the day of your shoot


What is green screen?

By using a bright colour that contrasts with you on camera, we can seamlessly add visual effects to your video to illustrate your subject, animate your presentation or help explain a complex topic.

It works by giving us the ability to cut out or remove everything but you – and the best quality green screen effects need a large studio with dedicated equipment to get the best lighting, film quality and space between you and the backdrop.

Once we’ve removed everything else, we can put you anywhere – from the moon to a far flung country, or even blend you into animated slideshows to create impactful, engaging content.

Why green?

Neon green is a strong, bright and distinctive colour. 

This makes it possible to remove just that one colour from the footage without affecting how you look. But remember not to wear anything green (or reflective) on the day of your shoot!

To get started on your green screen project, just book a free call using the form below. 

We’re waiting to tell your story.

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