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The clue is in the name: Colab is built on collaboration. We work alongside your agency as part of your team, giving you the support needed to offer your clients’ high quality video content, with no need for you to invest internally in 4K videography equipment and expertise. Just think of us as your collaborative video production department!

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Hear what some of our collaborative agencies have to say:

Rock Kitchen Harris

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Rock Kitchen Harris for many years, providing a wide range of video production services to them and their clients. We work directly with their clients to create the ideal video for their needs, fitting perfectly into the wider marketing campaign that Rock Kitchen Harris put together.

"We've always been incredibly happy with the services you've provided us."
Jamie Mollart, Client Services Director

Colab by name, collaboration by nature! We’ve provided both white-label and client facing video for Rock Kitchen Harris’s clients including; Taylor Wimpey, Hormann, and The Wildlife Trust.

Taylor Wimpey

We’ve produced a number of showhome video walkthroughs and site explainers over the years, alongside creating shorter social media video content.


For this client, we completed two series’ of educational videos to illustrate the latest features and benefits of Hörmann products to customers and distributors.

Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

We created a few videos to promote the work the Trust is doing to protect local wildlife, and to encourage more people to participate.

Three Thinking

We’ve recently begun collaborating with the team at Three Thinking, providing video products for their clients. Their team liaise with the clients to identify a need or aspiration for video content in their marketing, and from there we work to build a great video, from creative proposal to final product.

"It's really nice to share an end product that everyone is proud of."
David Formby, Managing Director


In collaboration with Three Thinking, we delivered an explainer animation to promote the features of their new TempEZ temperature management system.

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