We believe the future of education is digital

The video and social media revolution means that education can leave the classroom behind and allow people to learn on their smartphones and tablets, on the move.

We use video and social media to connect and inspire the next generation of learners, enhancing the online student learning experience and sharing knowledge with the world. Video provides concise lessons with rich engaging content, and makes sure that lessons and teachers always deliver to the highest possible standard, all over the world.

Having worked with a number of educational providers such as De Montfort, Nottingham Trent and Loughborough universities, we have a real understanding of the rigor of academia, and use our expertise to make engaging,  rich content that really connects with the audience.



Our social conscience also means that we like to give back and pass on our knowledge and expertise, so we work with local universities and educators to deliver Enterprise and Employability workshops, Mentoring and guest lectures to inspire the next generation.



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