Online experts partner with Colab to share their knowledge with the world

What We Did.


Online education is more popular than ever, and we specialise in helping people who are experts in their field to share knowledge with a new and exciting audience.

We’ve worked with many different experts, including celebrity chef Kwoklyn Wan, fitness specialist Simon Long of Body Development Centre, HR and culture consultant Andy Gallimore and finance business coach Richard Brewin of Progress BB.

They all have one thing in common: They want to share their expert knowledge through online programmes and take the opportunity to make a greater impact on a larger audience.

The Brief

All of our experts want to take advantage of video’s potential to expand their audience but without compromising on their professional image.

The problem is technology. Green screen studios, 4K digital equipment, editing software and even lighting are all significant challenges that detract from the effort needed to create high quality content.

Our clients want a fellow expert they can trust to take care of the technical side. Someone who can be a partner in their new venture and not just a supplier.

That way they can focus on giving their best possible performance to camera.

Our Solution

The first step we take with all our experts is to articulate their expertise in a way that works through video.

We provide presenting support, script advice and tailor each shoot to their needs – like experimenting with teleprompters or simple visual cues to put our speakers at ease.

The role of technical partner isn’t just about the gear we have to hand. It’s driven by the proven experience we have in bringing video to life, from assisting with the development of animated branding to the best way of getting someone’s personality on screen.

We provide a minimum of half a day filming all the way up to 20 or more days, depending on requirements.

Importantly, we only use 4k footage. Often this is combined with green screen technology to create impact and make sure it’s an investment in future-proof video.

The quality we bring means our experts can use their content for years and years to come.

Our expert advice goes beyond the editing process. Whether it’s identifying the right channels to use for promotion, choosing the best learning platform for sharing their knowledge or just how to get the finished product online, we see ourselves as collaborators on every single project.

All we ask from our partners is that they think about what they want to say on camera. We look after the rest.