The Enterprise Advisor Network, or the EAN, is a national initiative started by the Careers and Enterprise Company and hosted locally by the Leicestershire and Leicester Enterprise Partnership with the aim of developing ‘powerful, lasting connections between local businesses and schools/colleges’.


Through the programme, students have the opportunity to learn vital information about the working world from professionals, and to gain connections that can help them later, when they begin their own working life.


We have been asked to create a number of short videos telling the story of the Leicestershire EAN and those involved, to explain the benefits of the network and encourage more participation in the programme by both business leaders and schools. Our MD, Dan, embraces his role as an Enterprise Advisor, so with that and his knowledge of local economic and educational regeneration, Colab were the perfect fit for this project.


Customer Story

Below is a short clip in which Abdul Bathin and the Colab team discuss about the process of collaborating on the project.

To make the videos, the Colab team attended EAN events, filming talks by business leaders, and conducting interviews with them, and participants from the schools in the programme.


Explainer Videos

The latest series of videos we produced are short informational clips. They’re designed to educate Leicestershire schools and colleges about the employment paths available to them, and give them tips for success.


What types of apprenticeships are available in Leicestershire? 


How can young people get involved in the sector?


What skills do employers most value in young people? 


How can you stand out from the crowd? 


EAN Events

Colab were also commissioned to film videos for all of the Leicestershire EAN events, in order to share best practice and capture the legacy of the network’s ability to share knowledge. To do this, we interviewed members of the LLEP, Enterprise Advisors, as well as staff and students from participating schools.


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Meet the Sector 


Meet the Provider 



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