If one project could sum up how we’ve worked as a team to be inventive, collaborative and passionate, WebinArt would be it…


What is WebinArt?

Working in partnership with Creative Leicestershire we’ve launched an online education pilot programme called WebinArt.   The programme is aimed at recent arts graduates, to help them get the advice and support they need to build a successful career in the arts.  The main objective was to provide a flexible, online resource portal that people could access for help and advice.

The programme features masterclass interviews, live video streaming and webinars, with internationally acclaimed artists and practitioners.



How have Colab supported the project?

We’ve collaborated as the technical partner, demonstrated how we are always inventive in the design of the video content, and displayed our passionate approach to the arts by sharing knowledge through video.

With the funding of the Arts Council, we created a series of masterclass videos, Facebook Live broadcasts, and live webinars of inspirational online workshops. To go along with the main video features, we also produced a series of short interview case studies with the participating artists in their working environment.



Piloting the future

The WebinArt project has been run as a pilot programme,  and as the next step, Colab are working with Creative Leicestershire to develop a Teachable online website as a Learning Management System to house the educational video content.



If you’re interested in learning more about the knowledge shared on the pilot project, you can subscribe for free.


Behind the Scenes

To make the introductory videos, Colab conducted interviews with the artists and filmed them at work in their studios. The masterclasses were streamed on Facebook Live, while also being published in 4k quality on YouTube.


Dan Lamoon from Colab commented –

“The aim of the pilot project was to do more than provide a flexible teaching experience; Colab wanted to build a dialogue between teachers and students and create a community that provides support to its members. Live streaming has been great for this, as students can participate in their masterclasses and webinar workshops in a more interactive way”.


Introductory videos 

So the students in the programme could get to know the artists before their masterclasses, our introduction videos show them not only talking about their work, but creating it in their studios and workspaces.

Introducing Helen Mort:

Introducing John Newling:



After streaming the masterclass interviews live directly to students through Facebook, they were uploaded to the Webinart YouTube channel.

Helen Mort’s masterclass: 

Kajal Patel live streamed interview:


If you’re already part of the creative industry, looking to enhance your career, or considering launching a new creative venture, you can access the rich content we’ve developed for some help and inspiration.

Visit and subscribe through the WebinArt Teachable website.

We found WebinArt a truly inspiring project to work on, and it gave us the opportunity to show both our technical and creative skills. We’re excited to see how WebinArt develops…



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