Quickfire Video Content

No Edits. No Hassles. No Lengthy Productions.

+ Reduce Content Production Time and Cost
+ Hassle-Free Project Management
+ HD Video Capture
+ Professional AV Studio w/Green Screen

Editorial video is a big investment of time and money, with lots of on-the-day and post-production work to make every project look its best.

But what if you want cost effective content on a tight schedule without compromising on quality?

You need our quickfire video service – it’s the hassle-free way to turn existing presentations or workshops into powerful, high-quality and reusable e-learning content.

It’s like being on live TV or doing the weather forecast (only without the need to be perfect first time!). 

Just your knowledge and resources presented in a clear and compelling way, making it easy to inspire, educate or inform again and again.

That’s why Leicestershire County Council appointed us as technical production and management partner for its fully-online learning project, WebinArt.

If you’d like to cut the hassle from your video project without losing the quality, contact us now for a free consultation.

How it works

  1. Request your free consultation to explore how to translate your existing content into a live, video format
  2. Share your existing slides and content with us so we can include them in your video
  3. Together we’ll storyboard your entire video series, guided by your existing content
  4. With our support, you’ll turn what you have already into a script ready for video presentation
  5. Before filming, you’ll have time to review how your slides and media appears in-video
  6. Action! We’ll film you in our professional AV studio, with green screen if required
  7. Our editing and post-production process will add flair, titles and make your presentation look flawless
  8. After completion, we’ll review the videos together and make amends if needed
  9. That’s not the end – it’s time for us to help make sure you get the exposure your video deserves
  10. Your videos are finished, ready to publish on whatever platform you choose

How it looks

We never share client content in public – your confidentiality is far too important for that.

But we always practice what we preach. So here’s an example of some quickfire video content starring our very own founder, Dan Lamoon:

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